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Visitor Visa Consultants In Canada

A visitor visa is an official document sticked in your passport. It shows that you meet the requirements needed to enter Canada.

Visitor Visa
How it works

Canada welcomes millions of tourists every year; whether businesspeople, parents, grandparents, or small families, they are all received with open arms. Canada is home to over 35 million tourists with the freedom to reunite with their surroundings or just to explore a new country. During your stay, no matter the length of your visit, you must meet important immigration guidelines.

To control the flow of tourists at one time, some nationalities require a tourist visa or a temporary resident visa before they arrive in the country. A temporary resident or tourist visa is an official document placed into your passport to showcase your eligibility for admission to Canada as a temporary resident.

Temporary visas allow short-time activities or business for one entry to Canada or for some time. While the Canadian government is exceptionally flexible, they want to ensure that people coming into the country won’t cause harm to their surroundings, can support themselves and their family, and most importantly, return home after their visit. 

Every immigration case is slightly different depending on your situation, but generally, the process is quite similar. Most travelers need to apply for temporary residency through a Canadian airport. In addition, you must show that you’re a genuine tourist, proof of return or family ties to your own country. If a family member or a friend invited you to visit, Immigration will require a letter of invitation supporting your claim.

One of the most sought-after visas is the tourist visa. If you want to enter the country, stay informed whether you need one. Some countries, including the USA and Australia, are exempt and can live up to 90 days without requiring a visa. 

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