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Spousal Sponsorship In Canada

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Canada offers an opportunity to every Canadian citizen and permanent residence to settle with their loved ones. It’s happens only with Spouse Visa.  A spousal sponsorship Canada falls under the family sponsorship category. The Canadian spousal sponsorship helps to Canadian and permanent citizen to sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children to stay with them in Canada, through permanent residence.

The sponsor must sign a legal contract with IRCC to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner. This program is made with the intention to stay with your loved ones in Canada. Spousal sponsorship allows your common-law partner, spouse, or conjugal partners to become a permanent resident.


How it works

Application package

Are you willing to apply the Spouse Sponsorship for Canada country, then your partner will be eligible for an open work permit. Applicant will complete all the forms and other documents for avail the sponsorship for Canada. Application package may differ based on applicant’s country of residence and their documents requirements.

Letter of Acknowledgement

When the IRCC start your processing, then they will not send any acknowledgement receipt until they have checked all your documents i.e. is completed or not. Make sure you can check all the updates online through your online account or e-mails.

Medical Examination

IRCC will provide instructions to get the medical exam done within 30 days. If you don’t follow instructions, IRCC will refuse you application. If you have any problem with your medical exam, IRCC will contact you to advise how to get your medical exam done.


IRCC will finish the processing of your application after they have received all the necessary information. Once your application approved, then applicant will receive confirmation of permanent residence. If officer is satisfied that you meet the requirements to enter Canada, you will be allowed to enter Canada as a permanent resident.

Spousal sponsorship

Spouse visa

Spouse is a person, who must be legitimately married to a sponsor. The marriage should be valid under Canadian Law. The relationship of married couple must be genuine and continuing. The married couple should be able to show a mutual commitment to a shared life as spouses. If sponsor was previously married and got divorced, then it should be valid in country where it was obtained and also in Canada.

Common-law partner

Common-law partner has cohabited with sponsor in a marriage-like relationship for at least 1 year. If common law partner has not divorced with their previous spouse, then their relationship with sponsor will be valid but they have cohabited for a period of at least one year. Both sponsor and applicant will need to provide proof, that they have been living together for at least 1 year.

Fiancé/fiancée visa

Fiancé/fiancée is a relationship where a couple is engaged to be married. Government of Canada has discontinued fiancé/fiancée visa program in 2002. If you have lived with your fiancé for more than one year, you can think about common-law partner stream. If you have conjugal relationship and do not live together due to some circumstances, you can consider conjugal partner stream.

Conjugal partner

A conjugal partner is a relationship between two people who are in a marriage-like relationship but cannot live together due to circumstances beyond their control. This is a specific category of family class, in which applicant do not qualify to immigrate as spouse or common-law partner. This is exceptional situation, where cohabitation is not a requirement for a conjugal partner relationship.

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