Canadian Citizenship In Ontario

Canadian Citizenship was first introduced in 1947 by the Canadian Citizenship Act. Since then, several major modifications were passed by the government of India.  According to Canadian Law, Canadian –born and naturalized citizen are both equally rights and duties of the Canadian citizen. Those people who are born in Canada are Canadian Citizens at birth. At the same time, those people who are born outside Canada to a Canadian parent must submit an application to obtain a Canadian Citizenship. Certificate is required to prove they are Canadian citizens.

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship:

After attaining of Canadian Citizenship provides several benefits to the immigrants who successfully get the citizenship.

Voting Rights:

The immigrant get the citizenship successfully will be provided them rights of voting in the election of municipal, provincial or even the federal government. Those immigrants who are turned into PR citizen will be given them equal rights in government formation.

Government Jobs:

Canadian Government won’t hesitate to provide a federal or provincial government based job to the Canadian citizen with very good pay and some advantages.

Dual Citizenship:

The Canadian government is a more flexible body that doesn’t deny you to possess dual citizenship unless you are prohibited to hold it by your current nation or nation of birth.

Citizenship of Heirs:

Government of Canada proffers citizenship to your biological heir if they born any province of Canada and they don’t have any require any application processing. Even though, the child was born outside the Canada, they can still avail the citizenship of Canada, but the condition is one of their parents is citizen of Canada.

Unique Tax Payments:

Tax payable is little bit different in Canada because they charge tax on a residence basis and not on a citizenship basis. If a Canadian citizen live-in outside the Canada, then they no need to pay any taxes. But if they live in Canada and carry multiple incomes from different nations they need to pay tax for the federal government, provincial government and municipal government separately. After you submit the citizenship application, the final step will be taking Canadian Citizenship test. Once you pass the test, and you are approved as a Canadian citizen, you will receive an invitation to a citizenship ceremony.