Express Entry

Federal Skilled Worker Canada

The most popular program to apply for


 The Federal Skilled Worker program is the most popular program to apply for under the Express Entry application. Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements established by the Canadian government.


Employment of skilled trades

The applicant must have at least one year of either full-time or part-time employment of skilled trades within the last ten years.


Post-secondary studies

Completed the equivalent of post-secondary studies assessed and compared to a credential assessment.


Language Benchmark

Pass an approved language, Canadian Language Benchmark test in either in French or English with a score of seven and higher

A candidate will qualify to move forward with a minimum of 67%. Meeting these requirements doesn’t mean you’ll automatically receive an invitation for the next steps. Stronger the profile, the more likely you are to being chosen.

In addition to the FSWP, the pool contains candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class.